• IsraelLins

    Someone besides me note that your application will lose performance gradually with the time of use?

    • actually, I noticed my game speeds up after a while. But its still quite slow compared to linux mobile devices. I would like to know why.

      I did some SDL speed comparissions (eVT3 x CEGCC) and couldnt really see any reason for such slow down

      • Danny Backx
        Danny Backx

        Usually things slow down after a while, this is rather odd.

        As to the other remark (slow compared to linux) - this is sometimes due to the performance of the dynamic memory allocation. Plugging in a fast malloc replacement might help.

  • One thing I've noticed is that WinMo apps use ARMv4 instructions all the time.  WIth CEGCC, you can compile it with ARMv5 and it will work, but the speed gains will be too small to worth the incompatibility. Its probably becouse EVERYTHING else in the system is ARMv4.
    This was specially weird since my code, all using SDL, runs faster on a Nokia N770 (OMAP1710, 200 Mhz, 800x480x16) runs faster than on my Dell x50V (PXA270, 630 Mhz, 240x320x16 pixel doubled to 480x640x16). In the end, the code runs on the dell machine only slightly faster than it runs on ym iPaq 3650 (206MHz StrongARM SA1110, 240x320x12) - but at least read files faster.