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cEditMX New Release 6.0.5

Now you can configure the external browser. Also made it so
you can configure more than one external browser to make it
easier to test a website in several different browsers with the
click of the mouse.

Beta Release 6.0.5
- Fixed project links/email/new project bugs.
- Updated about box to right version
- Added save project on exit of application if it's been modified
- Fixed bug with First window being modified, then opening browser and then closing app resulting in it not detecting the modified document.

Added a function key dialog editor so you can edit which keywords will be included in cEdit's parser for display functions in the window. Also added tab width, unicode, edge column, edge column color, etc.

- Fixed the problem with it being case sensative.

- Removed the filter for cppnocase as it's the same as standard C++ and was causing it to show up with standard C++ as the same thing in the assosciation window.

Fixed the bug with crashing on exit. Added a number of new features. New use of DelphiSCI

Fixed the installer bug. Sorry about that guys.

Posted by Stewart 2005-06-06