cEdit 5.6.4 and Dockpanel updated

cEdit is a text/code editor designed to provide a free alternative to editors such as ultraedit, and textpad. It has many of the same features as both, and some neither of them possess. It is highy configurable, easy to use, and quite powerful in it's abilities. Plugins make it almost limitless in it's feature additions, and provide an easy way for users to add onto it without messing around with it's base code (which is fairly large).

This release has a number of minor bug fixes, along with some requested features, including a plugin downloading window, optional single click file opening, remembers the location of fileview at startup, system menu on fileview, ftp commands on the quickftp window, and several more. The help file has also been updated to include more than 60 topics now. Though still incomplete it is being added to fairly rapidly.

Being a fairly small download it's worth a quick look. You might be impressed enough to keep using it :)

Posted by Stewart 2003-08-06