Thanks for the tip, it works :) Never thought that C-g would work in this kind of situation.

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Stefan Reichör <xsteve@riic.at>
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24-05-2004 08:05

        Subject:        Re: [cedet-semantic] Infinite loop when parsing Python files


> Hi,
> I have been using semantic through the ECB package for over a year now. I normally use semantic for
> C/C++ files and everything works like a charm. However when I want to browse / edit Python files,
> it frequently happens that Emacs gets stuck in an infinite loop.  The last message I get is
> "wisent-parse-stream: Invalid-start symbol bovine-inner-scope". After that, the only way out is to
> kill the Emacs process. This problem occurs even with small Python files. It also does not seem to
> be related to ECB, the problem occurs even with ECB deactivated.
> Does anybody have an idea what is causing this problem ?
> I am currently using semantic-1.0beta2a and Emacs (on Windows XP).

I see that problem also very often.
You can hit C-g to stop that loop.