Hi all,

I have something like this

class MyClass {
    static bool erase(int id);

and in another file, I have


With my cursor over "erase" in the second file, I run semantic-ia-fast-jump, expecting to be taken to the definition or declaration of MyClass::erase.  Semantic goes out and parses tons of system headers (including boost, sigh) which takes ages, and then eventually it seems to be done parsing headers and just hangs for a very long time (going on an hour now), presumably searching its database for the right "erase" function.  I assume the problem is that there are many instances of "erase" as a member (possibly including templates).

Is there a better jump function to use in this case?  Could this be a bug?  Any other way to speed it up?

I'm using emacsformacosx 24.3 on osx 10.9.  I also have gtags installed and configured but semantic isn't configured to use it.