Hi list,

This happens when cedet encounters the symbol "linux_banner" in linux/printk.h:

> extern const char linux_banner[];

Step to reproduce:

- add the include directory from linux-3.13.6 source:

(semantic-add-system-include "~/linux-3.13.6/include" 'c-mode)
(semantic-add-system-include "~/linux-3.13.6/include" 'c++-mode)

- in a C source file (i.e. test.c), include <linux/printk.h>
- perform semantic-ia-fast-jump to make sure Semantic properly recognizes it.
- go back to test.c and add a main function
- in the main function, insert character p into the buffer; execute semantic-complete-analyze-inline to get printk
- instead of getting a list of candidates, the above error occurs.