Hi all

I thought about extending EDE to support more project types - some work was already started for JVM-based projects, but I found that we may need to slightly change existing projects & maybe organize additional hierarchy of projects.

Many build tools are using single project file that is always located in the top of hierarchy - right now this are Maven, Ant, Clojure's Leiningen, Erlang's Rebar, Scala's SBT. Some of these project types are almost completely self-contained (maven, lein, sbt?, rebar), so we can extract all necessary information (list of goals, source directories, etc) from them, while some, like Ant, requires that we provided additional information (list of directories with source code, classpath, etc.) when creating EDE project.

Most of single root project types have different goals (in maven's terminology) - targets that user can execute staying in top-level directory, and configurations (for example, Maven's profiles) that affect build process. But there is a difference between goals & EDE targets - EDE targets always are bound to directory, while targets for single root projects should be bound to different goals/commands defined for given project, and these targets are always executed from top level directory.

Right now we have hierarchy of classes, derived from jvm-base class, but this class has several slots that could be useful for all single root projects, not only for JVM-based (for example, Erlang's Rebar, and maybe more). This are following slots:

Some of these options, like file-mod-time could be put into ede-project, but I'm thinking about adding new base class, like single-root-project, inherited from ede-project and storing targets information (or it's better to put everything into ede-project?). I'm also not sure - should we store all these slots in the cache, or we can extract all necessary information on first use.

What do you think about this? For me the most important are opinions about maintaining targets & how it's better to organize switching between targets.

With best wishes,                    Alex Ott
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