Thanks David,

It's supposed to be c-mode for the major mode.  As the scripts are procedural, c++ wouldn't be right.

I was trying to define Indra mode as a derivative of c. Apparently, I messed that up.  I'll try again.

On Mar 2, 2013 12:07 PM, "David Engster" <> wrote:
Corysia Taware writes:
> I'm sure there's more work I need to do in the function definitions.  I ripped
> a lot of stuff out from the indra.y file I based this on.  I hope attachments
> are supported.  If not, I'll repost.
> The file extension is lsl.  I'm also including a sample script.

The main problem is that I have no idea what major-mode you're using for
editing LSL files. You're hooking the parser into the indra-mode-hook,
but I cannot find any indra-mode for Emacs.