Hi. I got two questions in regard to blocks

For example the (valid) following code : (in PHP parenthesis are not mandatory for the include statement)


include 'A.php';
include ('B.php');


Using semantic-lex-debug gives :

((PROLOGUE 1 . 6)
 (T_INCLUDE 8 . 15)
 (T_SEMI 24 . 25)
 (T_INCLUDE 26 . 33)
 (PAREN_BLOCK 34 . 47)
 (T_SEMI 47 . 48)

First question : Can I "step in" a PAREN_BLOCK, in the echo area I can see "Depth: 0 :: SPC - continue". Any key continue and I can't find how to operate the Depth, if this has something to do with that.

In the following grammar, the rule inclusion_keyword contains the keyword T_INCLUDE and strip-char is defined in prelude.

  : inclusion_keyword STRING_LITERAL T_SEMI
    (INCLUDE-TAG (strip-chars $2 "\"'") nil)
  | inclusion_keyword PAREN_BLOCK T_SEMI
    (EXPANDFULL $2 include_parameter)

    (INCLUDE-TAG (strip-chars $1 "\"'") nil)

This works, but the overlay for the include tag is only the string literal part when there is a PAREN_BLOCK, I am not sure if the use of EXPANDFULL is wise here...
Second Question : When there is a block, must I use EXPAND or EXPANDFULL ? I just want to retrieve the STRING_LITERAL inside the block to create an include tag.