Dear David,

Thank you for the quick fix.
However there is a little problem. The patch, witch comes with the bzr rev 8393 makes a loop what never terminates for me. Neither during compilation, nor if I evaluate it as an s-exp in emacs.

2012/11/5 David Engster <>
Bukuli Norbert writes:
> Thank you, for your kind answer.
> The installed CEDET caused the problem.
> Now the compilation went well.

Thanks for testing. We actually do remove an existing CEDET installation
by loading cedet-remove-builtin.el, but I realize now that it will only
remove *one*. You however had *two* (the one shipping with Emacs and the
one installed by Gentoo), so when the first one was removed, the second
one kicked in. I've now changed cedet-remove-builtin to remove any
further CEDET installations from the load-path, which should hopefully
avoid such problems in the future.


Bukuli Norbert