Hi Joakim,
i have followed this thread at least with one eye ;-)
My Question: Has this any influence for ECB or with other words: Can/must i modify ECB in some way, to enable/test this new ebrowse backend? In general it sounds very interesting....

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Gesendet: Sa 05.08.2006 02:06
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Betreff: [CEDET-devel] ebrowse progress(and questions)

I've made some small progress on the Ebrowse backend.

It is, sort of, able to jump to a symbol definition.

Here is how to test:
- eval the semanticdb-ebrowse.el file
- make a test database:
 (setq D (semanticdb-create-database semanticdb-project-database-ebrowse "/home/joakim/rosegarden/gui/"))
- make a tst.cpp file
- M-:  (setq  semanticdb-project-system-databases (list D)) , in

- change this definition a bit:
(defun semantic-complete-jump ()
  "Jump to a semantic symbol."
  (let* ((semanticdb-search-system-databases t);JAVE search  everything for now.
         (tag (semantic-complete-read-tag-project "Symbol: ")))
    (when (semantic-tag-p tag)
      (semantic-go-to-tag tag)
      (switch-to-buffer (current-buffer))
;      (semantic-momentary-highlight-tag tag) ;JAVE crashes on overlay
      (working-message "%S: %s "
                       (semantic-tag-class tag)
                       (semantic-tag-name  tag)))))

- C-C , J symbol
will now jump to "symbol" in any file!


- What would be the proper way to make the BROWSE file be
  automatically associated with a project?

- Why do I need the 1st hack in semantic-complete-jump? is it because
  omniscient databases are excluded from the search? will making the
  ebrowse database be project associated solve this?

- why is the 2nd hack needed? semantic-momentary-highlight-tag doesnt
  seem to take in account that a tag might not contain a real overlay?