comments from ECBs point of view - s.b.

>> Where we are at our most beloved topic: Can we expect ECB to use some other
>> tag-generating software soon? And no, I cannot help out, don't even know
>> Emacs-Lisp. :)

>I have been working on a cedet backend for ebrowse, basically trying
>to fill in the skeletton Eric Ludlam provided.

>Its going somewhat ok, though I'm no expert on elisp, cedet or ebrowse...

>To clarify, Cedet is a lot of things, also a mediator between tag
>engines, and that part is part of Semantic. Semantic has 2 parsers of
>its own, Wisent and Bovine, and mediator code for elisp. Semantic has
>stubs for other tag engines as well, and ebrowse is one that isn't

>I'm interested in adding semantic backends for ebrowse, java, etags,
>to get better language support for c++, java, python ,ocaml,
>javascript and vbscript, which are languages I happen to program in.

If these backends are added via the mediator-interface of semantic then ECB can use all these new backends out of the box!

Suggestion: imenu should also a new backend for semantic - currently parser of some languages is only implemented by imenu (at least only near-time parsing, which means changes in the code-source can immediately result in adapted content-overviews in the methods-window - with etags and similar backend this is not so easy!