Thank you for your explanatation. Now i know what the probem is. But actually i'm using CEDET from CVS, and Emacs from CVS, too.

I updated CEDET just now and tried again, following the 2 steps will still get senator.el opened automatically.

Btw, this is not a big issue for me until i tried a new extension which is called company( It's a completion front-end and will load semantic for completions. Before i used this extension, there happeded to be header files automatically opened, but after i used it, everytime i typed "#include <string>", for example,  there're many headers opened.

At first i think maybe this is a bug of company, but when I looked into the source codes of company and found there're few commands used to interactive with semantic:



I can not figure out what the problem is , So i think maybe i need to ask for help here . And it really seems a bug of semantic.


On Sun, Oct 5, 2008 at 9:58 PM, Eric M. Ludlam <> wrote:

 If you are using the last pre-release (1.0pre4) then what you are
observing is a bug.  This bug should be fixed in the CVS version.

 You are correct, that CEDET tries to open various header files to
provide smart summaries and completion.  It will still do that in the
CVS version, but should also correctly clean up those buffers


>>> bread <> seems to think that:
>I'm using the latest Emacs and cedet and i found there're always some header
>files opened automatically when i wrote C++. It was wired. What's more, i
>found some el.gz files opened automatically, too. And i found a method to
>reproduce this "bug"(i'm not sure if it's a bug):
>Open an el file, whatever, senator-ia.el for example.  there's a *(require
>'senator)*. So, do the followings:
>1. C-s, type senator.
>Yes, we're searching senator, and the cursor will stop at the one in
>(require 'senator)
>2. Hit enter and u'll find another senaotr.el.gz was opened.
>I don't know why this happed and if this is related to the header files auto
>opened issue which was mentioned above. But it seems not a feature of cedet?
>And after i comment all the things related to cedet and restart emacs,
>everything was ok.
>This is not a special case since a friend of mine can also get el.gz file
>opened by following the 2 steps.
>so,  i think maybe it was caused by the anlyzing process of semantic? maybe
>semantic need to open the header files to get the tags of cpp files ,and
>with the same reason, semantic need to open el.gz files?

Zhiqiu Kong (孔直秋)