Hello all. I believe this is a semantic problem, but please tell me if I'm incorrect and I'll post it to the other list.
I'm using cedet-1.0beta2b with ecb2.25.
I'm seeing a problem with a particular statement in a C-file. In it's current form, the methods buffer in ecb does not show any functions that are in the c-file. In the acual buffer I see those red underlines everywhere in this buffer. From my understanding, those come from semantic-show-unmatched-syntax-mode and this in turn causes the methods buffer to not show any methods. I have narrowed it down to a particular expression.
Currently there is the #ifdef expression shown immediately below. This sits near the top of the file. This is a legal expression in C and the compiler has no problems handling it. When I have this in the file, semantic seems to now understand the syntax.
# error We should never get here!!
If I now modify the #ifdef to look like this, semantic seems to like it and the methods now appear in the ecb methods buffer. I do not see any of those annoying red underlines. :-)
# error We should never get here!!
Thoughts/comments anyone??