#73 Doesn't handle syntax(15)

semantic (53)

I've never used semantic or any mode functionality
based on it. I just downloaded yesterday in hopes of
using it to add advanced support to tal-mode (a major
mode for the TAL/pTAL programming language).

Problem description:

semantic-flex signals a 'whats this' error when
encountering text delimited by generic string delimiters
(syntax table code 15 aka "|").

Why it's a problem:

One 'feature' I must support is that strings can't span
lines, similar to Cobol where a string is implicitly
terminated by column 72.
The normal syntax code for strings (7) doesn't work
unless the beginning and ending character are the same.
So assigning an eol character \" syntax when needed
doesn't work. Strings without explicit identical
terminators must be given the | code (15) insted for
things like font-lock to work properly.


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    Ok, so I'm new. But it's not entirely my fault.
    The doc does say
    The lexer uses the major-mode's syntax table for
    conversion. ... As long as that is set up
    correctly ... the lexer should already work for your language.

    Then later it only says
    "This will eventually be depricated."
    but doesn't say what should be used insted.

    I see now that I should be using all that define-lex stuff.

    Sorry for the clutter on your bug board.

    Please keep plugging away!
    I'd like to have my mode based on the stable version.

  • Eric M. Ludlam
    Eric M. Ludlam

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    Bah, sorry for the long delay. I hope to make said stable version soon.

  • Eric M. Ludlam
    Eric M. Ludlam

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