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#107 [Incorrect loads by cedet.el]

semantic (53)

Neither install method (make or emacs build) yields a correct install:

init.el always complains that CEDET Version 1.0 is already loaded


  • Anonymous

    Yes, it happens for me too. Mine is saying
    Loading /home/michalp/code/cedet-1.0.1/common/cedet.el (source)...
    progn: CEDET Version 1.0pre7 already loaded.
    I didn't explicitly install cedet before and want to make sure I run the latest version.

  • Eric M. Ludlam
    Eric M. Ludlam

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  • Eric M. Ludlam
    Eric M. Ludlam

    I haven't seen this problem. Are there other init files on your system where CEDET is being loaded for other reasons? You can test like this:

    emacs -q
    M-x load-file RET /home/me/cedet/common/cedet.el RET

    where you replace the path with your location of the CEDET init file. If that works, you should check all your init files to make sure that CEDET is not being used before your cedet init lines.

    Check your .emacs, .emacs.el, init.el, or default.el, and anything else that might be going on from your system.


  • Anonymous

    Well, of course, I have ECB.

    Loading /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/site-start.d/ecb.el (source)...
    ECB 2.40 uses CEDET 1.0pre7 (contains semantic 2.0pre7, eieio 1.2, speedbar <unknown version>).

    When loaded emacs -Q, I could load cedet without problems.
    The old cedet is installed under /usr/share/emacs/23.2/lisp/cedet
    So how do I upgrade my cedet to the newest version?