#5 Fails to display anything except the minimap


Hello Team,

Well we have made it through Lab #3 this week which
was the first main Cedarlogic lab. The students
really like it. Here is an email from one:

ps just some advice for the guys that made
cedarlogic...make the right mouse button turn on/off
switches and the right mouse button select/move
them....and also make the zoom relative to the
position of the mouse on the screen...great program
tho..all the upperclassmen who took DLD are jealous...

I am not sure his suggestions are the best but I
thought I would share them with you.

Here is by far the biggest bug I have experienced:
on large multipage files – sometimes I come back to a
page that was working and nothing appears on the main
drawing screen. I can see the circuit on the mini-
map but nothing appears on the main canvas. The work
around is to close CedarLogic and launch a fresh copy.

To recreate this bug try the following steps.

1) launch Cedarlogic and open a small file.
2) Without closing the program load lab 5.cdl (I
attached it below)
3) Change something on page 1
4) Go to page 2 – does it load?
5) If it did load try loading another large file
without closing CedarLogic. Mess around a little on
each page and then quickly tab to a different page.
Eventually you should see the no screen re-draw

Dr. Kohl


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