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Cedar Backup / News: Recent posts

SourceForge is fully live

I forgot to announce that the Cedar Backup SourceForge site has been fully life since December. This is now the source of record for Cedar Backup. All of the Subversion data has been copied over, as well as every historical release.

Posted by Kenneth J. Pronovici 2008-02-07

Transferring Cedar Backup to SourceForge

I'm in the process of transferring Cedar Backup from its old home on cedar-solutions.com to a project at SourceForge.

The transition is partially complete. Subversion is up-to-date, the mailing lists have been created, and all of the old releases have been uploaded.

Currently, I am working on developing a SourceForge homepage and writing an extension to back up SourceForge data for the project. When those two things are done, I'll announce the transition officially.

Posted by Kenneth J. Pronovici 2007-11-28