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cdstatus 0.97.03 released

I just released cdstatus 0.97.03. This release reflects two changes:

Firstly, I converted the old-style gethostbyname() method of doing host lookups for the cddb server to the newer getaddrinfo() style. The most important reason for this is that changes to the linux kernel and the hostent structure caused cdstatus to no longer compile cleanly on newer kernels. cdstatus once again compiles cleanly on modern kernels. Please let me know if it breaks on only kernels, etc now. The other side effect of this change is that cdstatus should now be IPv6 clean. For those of you (are there any?) with IPv6 connectivity, cdstatus should now be able to take full advantage of this.... read more

Posted by Nathanael Hoyle 2010-04-18

0.97.01 released, supports ogg

cdstatus-0.97.01 was just released, marking the first official release in a couple years. What have I been doing in the meantime? Mostly working my real day job. But, I've also been adding some tidbits here and there. Most notably, cdstatus now supports encoding directly to:

raw, headerless output
wav files
lame (mp3)
toolame (mp2)
oggenc (ogg)

That's right. Nifty new encoders are now supported. Please take the time to play with this new release and provide me feedback. It's had very little testing, so it may have scary bugs, but it seems to work so far (TM).... read more

Posted by Nathanael Hoyle 2009-08-28

cdstatus-0.96.05-rc1 released

This release is release candidate one for the 0.96 line. It is expected to become the 0.96 final release if no major bugs are submitted against it in the coming weeks. It has already been through a 3 week long private beta cycle and has no known bugs outstanding. Assuming it makes it to "final" status it will be the first non-beta release of cdstatus in some time. Hopefully releases will be a bit more regular from here on. Still looking for a gtk/qt developer to help with a GUI. Email if interested.

Posted by Nathanael Hoyle 2005-09-07

cdstatus-0.96.02 beta released

cdstatus-0.96.02 beta has been released. It is largely what has been in cvs until recently, with a couple important fixes. This release introduces direct-to-lame mp3 encoding, and while still very much a beta, is believed to be ready for widespread testing, especially since this will be a much-desired feature addition.

Posted by Nathanael Hoyle 2005-08-13

User forums created

I have set up user discussion and support forums using phpBB2. In order to do the database and such, it's currently on a site that otherwise has nothing to do with cdstatus per se (my site). The url is and should be the first stop for anyone looking for help with or wanting to provide feedback on cdstatus. Help me make the forums a success and sign up and participate.

Posted by Nathanael Hoyle 2005-08-13

cdstatus IRC channel formed

#cdstatus on will now serve as a venue for all cdstatus related discussion, hopefully enabling users to interface better with myself on bugs, feature requests, etc. and on general cdstatus usage.

Check it out.

Posted by Nathanael Hoyle 2005-04-18

New Release

cdstatus 0.95.03 (change in version naming scheme intended to assist with various package management systems) is now available. This is non-beta and includes nifty new features like a user-configurable preferences file to save having to type out all your command-line options. See the README and INSTALL notes for more. Grab it now!

Posted by Nathanael Hoyle 2005-04-18

CVS Repository

Due to the scarcity of time I have had for completely polishing releases and updating all relavent documentation, I would like to point users at the cvs repository for up-to-the-minute versions of cdstatus during the (unfortunately) long periods between official releases. The current cvs version includes several updates including the ability to create a .cdstatus config file in your home directory to specify all of your normal options rather than needing to put them on the command line each time. At this point, the SF cvs repository will be what I work and update against continuosly and should be your best bet for the latest code. That doesn't mean I'm doing away with official releases, but expect them to lag behind actual development. CVS versions should be expected to compile, but may not have all documentation updated with the latest features.

Posted by Nathanael Hoyle 2004-09-28

Upcoming release

The next release (version number not yet final) of cdstatus is imminent, and supports nifty new things! A minor header-file mixup (which prevented cdstatus from linking on very recent gcc versions) has been corrected; the code for the progress-hash bar (which was really ugly) has been redone completely to be far cleaner; neither is the focus though. cdstatus now supports persistent user configuration through a config file (.cdstatus) placed in the users home directory to select the options you want in place every time (like that long, complicated format string for cddb-based naming). Expect the release within a day or two, after a tad more internal testing. If plans mature as expected, there may even be a GUI in the near future :-).

Posted by Nathanael Hoyle 2004-05-08

License change released as cdstatus0.94b2

I have modified the license for cdstatus to be fully
GPL. This change is embodied in release 0.94b2. It
constitutes no software changes aside from the license from 0.94b.

Posted by Nathanael Hoyle 2003-08-29

cdstatus 0.94b

Check out 0.94b! Major fixes over 0.94a, should be pretty stable. Also added a couple new features, and redid some existing code for simplicity and clean-ness. A must upgrade for those on 0.94a and a good bet for those on 0.93 and earlier.

Posted by Nathanael Hoyle 2003-08-29

Alpha release: 0.94a

cdstatus 0.94a is now available, complete with cddb (cd database) lookup capability!

Posted by Nathanael Hoyle 2003-03-25

New release 0.92 - added .wav output

cdstatus 0.92 is now available, and includes output for writing tracks to .wav files, and intelligent handling of unsupported drives

Posted by Nathanael Hoyle 2001-10-28