#81 Samsung Sw-240b drivers required and how to use

Hare Krishna

My CD-RW drive is Samsung SW-240B with R403 Firmware.
And my recording speed is 40X12X40X,my Linux version is Red
hat linux 9.0 (shrike). cdrdao 1.1.7 is already present. I am able to
blank the cd-rw but unable to create toc/burn the cd. The 2
problems shown are:
1. when reading the cd to create an image,i use
#cdrdao read-cd --device 0,0,0 --driver generic-mmc a.toc
but the error message is
Error trying to open /dev/scd0 exclusively ... retrying in 1 second.

and second problem is
when recording/writing the cd, the error message is same as
above .

Also can you please tell how to create an cue.

I heard that on two game CDs, the capacity is 5gb and 10gb . The
game known as "Delta Force " and "f-29 fulcrum " game cd (i had
seen my friend's original game cds)I find that the total capacity on
those 2 game cd is 5gb and 10gb on 700 MB cd. Is this possible?
If yes, Can you please tell me the solution to create the
compressed data on the 700MB cd. (ie, compress 2Gb data or
more to create an image and burn on the 700 MB cd-r)
I am using only linux, I hate windows operating system.

Please reply to alnhk@rediffmail.com
Thanking you.
Hare Krishna