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#1 generation of/comparision with CUE files

Oskar Liljeblad

I would like to see the following two features:

1. Writing of CUE toc files. Something like --cue-toc
or --cue might be appropriate. Whenever this option is
used, and a table of contents file is written, it'll be
written in CUE format.

2. After writing a CD, reading and comparing it with
the file it was burned from. This is already possible
by using

cdrdao read-cd --read-raw --datafile /dev/stdout
tmp.toc | cmp original.bin

but it would be nicer with just

cdrdao compare-cd original.cue

Oskar Liljeblad (


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    I'd like to see the CUE format documented, so I can build my
    own with a script file.

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    I'm trying to make convtoc2cue.c
    It is working fine with data and audio but is slow with
    audio because of swaping byte order of .bin

    Sorry about stupid mistakes, english is not my native language