enabling CD-Text writing with driver flags

  • Polo Talnir
    Polo Talnir

    For all I could see, if I use the -driver generic-mmc I have to add the flag :0x00000010 to "enable" CD-Text writing. This is for a drive that is listed/compiled-in the table in the CdrDriver.cc program ( a Sony CRX140) described as CD-Text capable.

    Now, if the program "knows" or  is "supposed to know" from that table that the drive is CD-Text-capable, and I am providing a TOC file that contains TITLE and PERFORMER lines, isn't that obvious that I want to write this as CD-Text?. Why is the flag required for writing CD-Text?. This makes NO sense. This is a bug. "this is by design" is not an acceptable answer. If this is by design, then there is a bug in the design. The listed ingredients are abundantly sufficient to indicate my desire to write CD-Text without requiring the use of hexadecimal values to indicate this.

    Somebody let me know whether this comment is really off the target.


  • Mark

    Heh. This has been a pet gripe of mine for years so let me add some support to TioP's comments.