Win32 Shows no Drives

  • I'm trying to figure out why CDRDao 1.1.7 Shows no drives when I try to scanbus (and therefore also finds no drives when trying to burn).

    I have installed Win2K Pro, ASPI 4.6 (Also tried 4.7.1).  All I receive Back from CDRDao is:

    (Paraphasing as I don't have output in front of me)
    CDRDao 1.1.7
    Using libscg .5

    Initializing ASPI ..... OK!

    Then back to the command prompt.  If I use cdrecord 2.11 ( I think ) with it's -scanbus It sees both of my recorders.  I think cdrecord is using libscg .7. 

    Anyone have any clues as to what can be done about this?


    • Denis Leroy
      Denis Leroy

      libscg.5, that's pretty old (that's cdrtools 1.10). Anyway you could try to compile cdrdao 1.1.8 ? Or link 1.1.7 against a more recent scsilib ?