Cd writer hangs after audio cd burn

Frans King
  • Frans King
    Frans King

    I've just given up on cdrecord for burning audio cd's on a philips CDRW1610A as I get countless ide-scsi related errors. cdrdao appears to cut audio CD's fine but but when cdrdao comes to write the lead out (I'm using gcdmaster as the front end) the drive hangs. Both the writing light and disc in light which normally flashes during a write remain on. Using the unlock feature of cdrdao doesn't work and I end up having to restart the system. Interestingly, the CD's it produces appear to be fine.

    Any ideas?


    • Windseeker

      I can reproduce the locked up drive using the exactly same CDRW (Philips CDRW1610A).

      I used the generic-mmc, because the generic-mmc-raw seems unusable with this drive...
      There are no error messages or warnings, only a never ending fixation...

      Andreas, can you help us? A workaround would be okay, because the CD's are definitely fine. So if you know how to unlock the drive after this problem, it would be fine until the bug is fixed.

      If you need more information, then write me, I will supply any info you need...



    • Anonymous

      I have a CDRW2412A and I have the same problem.  First, the cds do appear flawed, it seems the last two seconds of the last track are unreadable (same type of error that burning TAO would cause).  Second, when last track is done burning the green light stops blinking and both that and the amber light just turn solid.  Depending how long I wait before I restart my computer, it still appears to be burning junk to the cd becuase I can burn the cd, stop it immediately and only half of the cd back is written (as it should be), whereas if I leave it running for another few minutes, the entire back of the cd is written but only part of it actually contains useful data.  Third thing is that I try to manually unlock the drive, and that causes the green light to blink again but the drive doesn't unlock.


    • Anonymous

      here i have the same problem with a CDRW2412A.
      Any hints?