cdrdao fails reading from my Samsong DVD-ROM


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    cdrdao fails to read from my Samsong DVD-ROM  SD-612, 0.5.
    it compilns
    "ERROR: No driver found for 'SAMSUNG DVD-ROM SD-612',

    i have tried using --driver generic-mmc:0x1
    then, it starts got the TOC, and start reading, but not very successfully ( it hungs on track1 )

    this dvd-rom works smoothly with cdparanoia and with sevral cd-players

    my system is :
    SGI_XFS_RH7.1 (linux-kerenl 2.4.2 with devfs)
    both cdrw/dvd use ide-scsi
    cdrdao version 1.1.5

    on the bright side it can read/write from/to my sony cdrw which is not supported by cdrecord.

    if i could only use cdparanoia output as input to cdrdao all will be ok.
    i was reading the TOC file format, but i didn't see any example for the simple case

    i need somthing like
    cdrecord -audio -dao *.wav

    any help will be appricated