Writer database: add SAMSUNG CDRW/DVD SM-352F

  • Hello guys,

    As I used cdrdao today to master audio CDs from track I purchased on livemetallica.com (cdrecord seemingly cannot handle cue sheets with multiple files in them) and noticed my writer was not autodetected correctly.

    Here is what cdrdao reports as information :
    SAMSUNG CDRW/DVD SM-352F Rev: T902

    I had to manually enable CD-text on the generic-mmc driver (--driver 'generic-mmc:0x10') for the information to be written. I have a CD-Text capable discman and the information showed up perfectly on it. No problem as well when reading the toc with the read-toc option. Great !

    Thanks again for that great piece of software !


    PS: I hope that the information is in the format you expect. Do not hesitate to tell me whether I should format it another way (patch?)