Create a .bin file directly from a toc

  • Bryce Nesbitt
    Bryce Nesbitt

    I'm looking for a way to create verified discs using cdrdao.
    Right now I master a CD using cdrdao:
    cdrdao write     -n  --device "/dev/sg3" --speed 2 $1/cdrdao-*.toc

    Then read it back:
    cdrdao read-cd --device "/dev/sg3" --datafile je-arabic.bin je-arabic.toc

    Then write a copy:
    cdrdao write --device "/dev/sg3" --datafile je-arabic.bin je-arabic.toc

    Then read the copy back back:
    cdrdao read-cd --device "/dev/sg3" --datafile copy.bin copy.doc

    Then binary compare the two.
    cmp copy.bin je-arabic.bin

    Is there an easier way?  Can I create the .bin file directly, skipping the (potentially) buggy step of writing a CD and reading it back?