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#126 cannot distinguish between devices


Gcdmaster cannot distinguish between
two CDRW's that are of the same vendor
and model. The Available Reader devices
and available Recorded devices does not
show the device name in the "CD Duplicate"
window or the "CD to disk" window.
When you have two identical vendor/model
drives in a system, you do not know which
entry belongs to which /dev device!


  • Denis Leroy
    Denis Leroy

    • status: open --> closed-works-for-me
  • Denis Leroy
    Denis Leroy

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    I'm assuming you're using gcdmaster 1.1.8 (if you're not, it
    might be an older bug that's been fixed now).

    Nope, there's no problem there, the device tables are not
    indexed by the vendor/model, they're indexed by device name,
    so you can definitely have multiple identical devices.

    An easy way to test this: if you run linux 2.6, you can
    access the same device through both the ATAPI interface and
    the ATA interface. By default, gcdmaster will only scan the
    ATAPI interface, but you can manually add the equivalent ATA
    device if the 'Configure Devices' dialog (e.g. ATAPI:0,0,0
    is equivalent ATA:1,0,0). You'll then be able to select
    either interface for burning with no problem.


  • Here I have configured to Samsung CDRW's

  • which Samsung is cdrom0 and cdrom1???

  • for the record I am using v1.1.8

    • status: closed-works-for-me --> open
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    Pardon the re-open. Perhaps I was not clear in my bug
    report. Please permit be another try ...

    Under RHEL3 I am using the cdrdao-1.1.8-1 rpm
    and thus v1.1.8 of gcdmaster (see gcdversion.png
    attachment). I have 2 SAMSUNG CDRW/DVD SM-352B Rev: T808
    CDRW's one in /dev/cdrom0 and one in /dev/cdrom1.
    Both devices are configured (see configdev.png
    attachment). However when you use something like
    the "CD Duplicate" you have no idea which SAMSUNG
    is /dev/cdrom0 and which is /dev/cdrom1 (see
    duplicateCD.png attachment).

  • Denis Leroy
    Denis Leroy

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    Ah ok, my mistake. Yup i see the problem. This is not such
    an easy fix, the scanning functionnality of cdrtools only
    reasons in terms of SCSI x,y,z triplets. The easy fix to
    this is to insert a CD in one of the drives and watch which
    one of the two changes status :-)

    Maybe a tooltip could be displayed on top of the device
    selection with the extra information. I'm not sure i'd add
    an extra column as it'll make the table pretty cluttered and
    you have to admit this is a fairly unusual scenario (have 2
    identical drives in the system).

    thanks for the heads up

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    Having two drives is not unusual at all. In nothing else,
    it ensures that both drives are compatible. :-)

    IMHO, trading the status column for the device column
    would be a reasonable change. The "tooltip" could
    display the status information. That way the critical
    information (what drive and where it is) would be always

    BTW: The "CD to disk" has this same "lack of /dev name"