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Tree [r15627] / jchempaint / trunk /

File Date Author Commit
META-INF 2010-11-08 mark_rynbeek [r15584] Minor fix in orientation, plus fix on shrinking...
applettests 2009-04-08 shk3 [r14544] jcp can now show complicated reaction files (ap...
lib 2009-12-14 mark_rynbeek [r15196] Set up a mini log4j jar file to get xmlcml to work
libdevel 2010-02-12 shk3 [r15396] added ant-contrib to devellib
libutil 2010-04-28 annulen [r15538] Added stub for help html generation (target gen...
po 2010-09-07 mark_rynbeek [r15583] Jchempaint applet release 3.1.3
src 2011-08-11 mark_rynbeek [r15618] Minor bugfixes
src_icons 2010-01-13 shk3 [r15295] merged 3.0 branch to trunk
.classpath 2011-08-11 mark_rynbeek [r15618] Minor bugfixes
.gitignore 2008-11-21 egonw [r13192] Ignore the local copy of
.project 2011-08-11 mark_rynbeek [r15618] Minor bugfixes
EditorApplet.html 2011-08-11 mark_rynbeek [r15618] Minor bugfixes
ViewerApplet.html 2009-12-08 shk3 [r15171] the external selection in the applet now works
ViewerAppletReaction.html 2009-04-09 shk3 [r14545] unified loading between application and applet
ViewerAppletSmall.html 2008-12-05 shk3 [r13491] sadly putting the test htmls in an extra dir do... 2009-10-23 shk3 [r15014] I moved the version number to build.xml. To hav...
build.xml 2011-08-18 mark_rynbeek [r15622] Trunk to version 3.3
changelog.txt 2010-09-07 mark_rynbeek [r15583] Jchempaint applet release 3.1.3
hourglass.gif 2009-09-29 mark_rynbeek [r14898] little hourglass while loading
plugin.xml 2008-05-19 egonw [r11065] Defined the org.openscience.jchempaint plugin f...
yguard.readme 2010-06-07 mark_rynbeek [r15551] Small fix