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     %% Background %%
+    The internet is becoming a primary communication tool for conducting
+    scientific research. \ldots On the one hand, increasingly tools are being
+    used to make the web more machine readble, but on the other hand, human
+    interaction is still a key component.
+    Drawing chemical structures is a key activity in querying web resources.
+    For examples, the NMRShiftDB is such a resource~\cite{Steinbeck2003a} where
+    NMR spectra of molecules can be looked up by drawing a molecular
+    substructure. This requires an chemical input editor. For the web, several
+    approaches are avaiable, including using Java
+    applets~\cite{Krause2000,Trepalin2006}, 
+    % FIXME: add Marvin, JME, Rich' editor
+    and JavaScript~\cite{PubChemEditor}.
+    Java applets have the advantage of being rather versatile, but can quickly
+    lead to large download sizes~\cite{Trepalin2006}.
     %% Results and Discussion %%