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#31 Determine dates of origin for failing tests

Egon Willighagen

One task that needs to be done, is work out when
existing bugs are introduced. The basic approach would be:

  1. ant clean test-all
  2. check which tests fail
  3. check if this bug existed in the latest release on SF
  4. if not, it was introduced later, and we need to know
    which commit made it fail

The approach for 4 would look like:

4.1 make sure you keep the test untouched
4.2 update CVS to (now - last release data)/2
4.3 does the bug still exist
if yes, update CVS half way the time span left
if no, update CVS half way the other time span
4.4 that should give you a date when the bug first failed
4.5 figure out which commit is likely to have caused it

And then you can report this on the devel list, and add
it to the SF bug track system. If the bug is already
reported, add a comment to it with your findings.