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# should point to an SVN repo, within which doing
# ant dist-all should work
nightly_repo = '/home/rguha/src/java/cdk-nightly/cdk/'

# URL to a HTML frontend of the SVN repository of the branch
svn_path = 'None'
#svn_path = 'http://cdk.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/cdk/cdk/branches/cdk-1.2.x'

# URL to a HTML frontend of the Git repository (if any)
git_path = 'None'
#git_path = 'http://github.com/egonw/cdk/tree/master'

# should point to a directory in which this script
# is to be placed and will contain log files
nightly_dir = '/home/rguha/src/java/cdk-nightly/'

# points to a web accessible directory where the
# nightly build site will be generated
nightly_web = '/home/rguha/public_html/code/java/nightly/'
#nightly_web = '/home/rajarshi/public_html/tmp/'

# title of the HTML web page
title_web = 'CDK Nightly Build'

# Jars that are required for Ant to run. In general
# you should only need to point to the relevant JUnit
# jar file, since we don't really use any esoteric Ant tasks
ant_libs = '/home/rguha/src/java/cdk-nightly/cdk/develjar/junit-4.3.1.jar'

# Optional
# required to generate the dependency graph. Should
# contain the path to the BeanShell and JGraphT jar files
# if not required set to "" or None
classpath = '/home/rguha/src/java/beanshell/bsh.jar:/home/rguha/src/java/cdk-nightly/cdk/jar/jgrapht-0.6.0.jar:/home/rguha/src/java/emma/lib/emma.jar'

japitools_path = '/home/rguha/src/java/japitools'

# Optional boolean to indicate that no bug statistics should be calculated

# Optional
# path to the last stable CDK distribution jar
# if not required set to "" or None
last_stable = '/home/rguha/src/java/cdk-0-99-1.jar'

per_line = 8

# Optional
# variables required for sending mail, if desired.
# should be self explanatory. Set to "" or None if
# you dont want to send mail
smtpServerName = 'smtp.gmail.com'
fromName = 'nightly.py <foo@bar.com>'
toName = 'cdk-devel@lists.sourceforge.net'

# If your server needs authorization, set them here
# if not, just set them to None
smtpLogin = 'foo'
smtpPassword = 'bar'

links = [ ('DTP Atom Type QA', 'http://cheminfo.informatics.indiana.edu/~rguha/code/java/nightly/dtp-atype-report.txt'), ('1.0.x Nightly Build', 'http://cheminfo.informatics.indiana.edu/~rguha/code/java/nightly-1.0.x/'), ('1.2.x Nightly Build', 'http://cheminfo.informatics.indiana.edu/~rguha/code/java/nightly-1.2.x/')]