Dear Alberto,

On 25 November 2012 10:57, Alberto Manganaro <> wrote:
Dear all,

I'd just like to report you the test I made.

As I said, I'm working with JDK 1.7 and with CDK 1.4.9, I'm using the
donwnloaded jar (looking inside it, it seems that the bytecode has been
done with target JDK 1.5).

To make a quick test, I put inside my project the classes
SmilesGenerator and CanonicalLabeler (taken form the original source of
1.4.9), so everything I made was with target JDK 1.7 (but I think that's
not relevant).

Indeed, this is not relevant. Yes, AFAIK the CDK releases are compiled with 1.5 (Egon, am I right?) , but what matters is the JVM version used to execute the code (that's it, 1.7)
Then, in the CanonicalLabeler, I just tried to surround with try-catch
the call that produced the Exception, sortArrayList(v) in the method
step3(ArrayList v, IAtomContainer atoms). I didn't put any code in the
catch, so actually I just ignored the Exception, but as far as I
understand this was what happenened when running on JDK versions prior

Not exactly.  The are no exceptions under  JDK < 1.7 . The sort() procedure was changed in JDK 1.7 and apparently it requires more rigorous implementation of comparators, and apparently Oracle decided to change the default behaviour to throw exceptions if comparators are not transitive.  Such a change is a very unusual !
to 1.7. I tested my code on several thousands of molecule, and actually
it worked fine: I generated the correct SMILES, and I've finally been
able to produce the SMILES for a couple of compounds for which the
Exception was raised.

I didn't try to check the code for CanonicalLabeler so actually I have
no idea of what I'm ignoring by putting that try-catch, but I guess that
anyway I'm obtaining the same behaviour of the code for previous JDK
versions. Anyway this means that there is something wrong in the
CanonicalLabeler, but that before it was just ignored, right?

See above. There are no exceptions in versions prior to JDK 1.7 , the code was executing fine, so if you comment the code it is not exactly the same. The change in behaviour is due to JDK 7 replacement of the sort() procedure and a subtle error in the implementation of a comparator inside CanonicalLabeler, which John fixed yesterday (thanks!) 

Your options are:

1) Use JDK older than 1.7 , there will be no errors at all

2) Use JDK 1.7 and the very latest patched  CDK code, which includes John's fix.  

3) Use JDK 1.7 and set Java system property java.util.Arrays.useLegacyMergeSort 
"If the previous behavior is desired, you can use the new system property,java.util.Arrays.useLegacyMergeSort, to restore previous mergesort behavior."

My guess is the error in the Canonical labeler comparator  affects only the canonical order of atoms, it will generate valid SMILES, but probably not canonical. Which is consistent with my observation the canonical SMILES in CDK were never canonical :) May be as a side effect this had been fixed as well!

Best regards,
Thanks again for your help, regards


Alberto Manganaro

Milano Chemometrics and QSAR Research Group
Department of Environmental Sciences
University of Milano-Bicocca P.zza della Scienza, 1
20126 Milano - Italy

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