Hi John,

On 18 November 2012 23:09, John May <johnmay@ebi.ac.uk> wrote:
Hi All,

I found two questions regarding this current code from IChemObject. They aren't bugs but it would be useful to have opinions.

if (properties == null)
    properties = new LinkedHashMap<Object, Object>();
return properties;


This code allows lazy initialisation - so every ChemObject doesn't have a map unless it needs it. However it is not thread safe - it is very possible to have one thread put properties into a map which is then replaced by a different map. Also LinkedHashMap takes more memory then a normal HashMap as there is a double linked list running through the entires. 

1. should lazy initialisation be thread safe? There is a pattern to do this which minimises the performance cost of synchronising. 

Preferably yes, should be thread safe.
2. can LinkedHashMap be replaced with HashMap? There are very few times you want the order of insertion in a map, currently properties are predominately used as a general property store.

I think so. Do we know the cases where the order is important ?

me John May | Predoctoral Student – Chemoinformatics and Metabolism
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