> Do we use it a lot in the higher level calls to alert unsuspecting users to
> their obliviousness?
No. Lego components. People have to glue stuff together to their
needs. Maybe they use your database and do not in fact have to
validate? :)
I hadn't even considered that possibility (lost faith in humanity, after all ;-) )
Thank you for reminding me :-D

> Apologies if I may sound like I have lost faith in humanity; last week I did
> a code review with a student here at our department.. He was creating and
> garbace-collecting 2,05 identical webservice clients to the same database
> for each of 42.110 entries.


> For bonus points, he closed and restarted the
> target database (from diskfile) once per entry..
> I know there are many programmers of this 'competence'-level out there, and
> this is the reason I'm against double-bladed swords..

Ah, but you must value the educational experience for this student :)

It was as much an educational experience for us as for the student (maybe even more so for us..). As the current Dutch teacher-recruiting slogan goes: "Je leert voor de klas!"
(for non-Dutch readers: "You {learn|teach} {in front of|for} the class!", the lovely subtle pun-ambiguities don't translate cleanly I'm afraid).