On 7/16/06, Egon Willighagen <e.willighagen@science.ru.nl> wrote:

I have been trying to get JAPI going for the nightly pages for the release, so
that I can make a proper announcement, but I get lot's of exceptions like:

Failed to Japize org.openscience.cdk.validate.ValidatorEngine :

I made this call:

CLASSPATH=share/java/japitools.jar perl bin/japize as cdk20060714.japi.gz apis
cdk-20060714.jar +org.openscience.cdk

For some reason you need to explicityly give the path to rt.jar. The command line that nightly.py generates is

/home/rajarshi/src/java/japitools/bin/japize as /home/rajarshi/src/java/cdk-nightly/cdk-20050826.japi.gz apis /home/rajarshi/src/java/cdk-20050826.jar /usr/local/share/java/jdk1.5.0/jre/lib/rt.jar +org.openscience.cdk 2> japize.log

Rajarshi Guha