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#154 "Bold" bond as third variant of wedged bond

jchempaint (25)

Currently, click on wedged bond changes its direction, but it'll be useful to make following click make it "bold". This will be useful to daw carbohydrates and other molecules in Haworth projection.


  • What is the semantic meaning of 'bold'? What does it mean chemically?

  • Chemically 'bold' bond is equivalent to single, but means placing bond into front. In Haworth projection of carbohydrates there are two wedged bonds and one bold in center between them.
    Maybe this type of bond needs to be created as graphic element. But in this case search will be impossible
    Generally, it would be great to have ability to draw bond that will be treated by search as equivalent, but having different rendering, e.g., to draw delocalized structures in JCP application

  • I've realized there is no need to create new bond type. Now I think it'll be enough to render single bond as bold (and double as bold line + thin line) when it's placed between to wide ends of "up" ("bold") wedges. Probably there's no other case bold bond is needed