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#1126 runDoclet can't be run from outside CDK dir

build.xml (21)

Description : When running ant from an external buildfile (using either the ant or subant targets) the runDoclet task will throw an error generated in MakeJavafilesFiles. Specifically, a null pointer error due to trying to list the files in a directory (metainfDir).

To Reproduce : Use the attached buildfile - or similar - in a directory next to the cdk dir, and try to run with ant.

Suggested fix : This may be a bug in ant; running a java task within an ant task, or something. In any case, the call to 'java MakeJavafilesFiles..." fails because the paths supplied as arguments are wrong.


  • Workaround : In the build.xml that is calling the CDK build.xml file, define properties to override ${build}, ${build.src}, and ${src} properties with full paths.