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CdFly / News: Recent posts

New release, 0.2 stable

CdFly has reached version 0.2, after a long test period.
There are only minor changes and fixes.
It's now available a Polish translation thanks to Tomasz Moń.

Posted by Massimiliano Torromeo 2006-06-12

CdFly 0.2-rc1released!

The new version of CdFly has been released as a Release Candidate, new features include thumbnail support, redesigned interface, rename capability and much more...

Posted by Massimiliano Torromeo 2005-10-21

CdFly nearing 0.1 final

I finally discovered the root of the crashes under windows and did many improvements to the interface and the code.
The collections are now really faster to load due to the removal of the treeView.
There is an option which allows the user to skip using regular expressions for the searches so that it is now possible to make query like searches (IE: using % as jolly character) which are faster.
For the italian users there is now a translation available.
I'm searching for translators for other languages, and beacause I'm Italian, please let me know of any errors in the english text.
As always the source is available in CVS for the hard-core user.

Posted by Massimiliano Torromeo 2005-08-05

First release

The first release of CdFly is finally available.
CdFly is a crossplatform CD collection manager written in c++ using qt4.

This release is still alpha but it has been fairly tested on the linux platform and proven to be functional.
I tried a test on windows with bad results (a lot of crashes).

"help wanted": if out there is someone willing to debug the code on windows, please go on and let me know of your results. Any help is appreciated.

Posted by Massimiliano Torromeo 2005-07-19