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#123 Chinese Error Message


I thought I had some malware on my brand new system that was running Trend. Turned out that this particularly ominous error message is being generated by cDex. Looks like I should go back and reload by old 'Free' copy.



  • Djote


    Using CDex, I have the same problem since recently.
    During audio CD extraction to mp3, I receive sometimes (0x to 4x times for a normal CD, 20 audio titles), a specific error message box, probably in Japanese (or Chinese ?); it comes BY CDex and not from another software. This message stops or slows the current extraction. I have just to click OK, and the extraction starts further.
    After looking at the extracted mp3 files, it seems sometimes that some mp3 have no correct metadata.
    I don’t know what it means.
    I made a desinstall – reinstall of CDex but without any positive result.
    I am expecting some problems:
    - Problem with a Trojan/Virus ? (I am using Avast + Comodo + spybot, good combination of an antivirus, firewall and antispyware) ?
    - Conflict with a codec ?
    - Conflict with other programs (EAC ? Audiograbber ?)… or with some audio codec installed after CDex ?
    - Conflict with the firewall ? antivirus ?
    - Conflict with the newly updated “Microsoft visual C++ 2005/2008 service pack” installed automatically trough windows update
    This is a new problem… CDex worked perfectly without any problems for months, and now, it is working with this asian message box.
    Do you have some ideas about this problem ? solution ? translation of this message ?
    Thank you by advance for any tip.

    Config :
    Laptop Medion
    Windows 7 Home Premium (SP1), in French
    CDex v1.70 beta 4