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#21 Unicode IDV2 tags

Shaddy Baddah


This patch is useful to me, and I hope my suspicions of
it being useful to the wider community, are correct.

The patch adds proper support for Unicode ID3v2 tags,
used in rips to MP3 of course.

Generally, it fixes the quite dated ID3Lib included in
the project, so that unicode text fields can be
rendered into the ID3v2 tags.

Specifically, I have utilised these capabilities to
allow for Unicode text for a tracks title, artist and
album title field. The Unicode form of the text fields
are only used where non-ASCII characters are detected.

I will try to include both the unified diff patch, and
the 2005-11-09 dated version of the original source
from CVS. The latter is for verification, in case CVS
has changed (or there are unsubmitted check-in's).

I grant permission for free usage of the patch as per
the conventions and terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC
LICENSE Version 2, June 1991, that applies to the CDEX
project itself.



  • Shaddy Baddah
    Shaddy Baddah

    Logged In: YES

    I neglected to mention that I am really thankful to the
    authors and maintainers of this project. Thank you for CDEX.

    I'm sorry, I cannot attach that reference file, as it is too
    big. However, I am sure a cvs export -D 2005-11-09 should
    obtain the right reference source.

  • Albert L Faber
    Albert L Faber

    • assigned_to: nobody --> afaber
    • status: open --> closed
  • Shaddy Baddah
    Shaddy Baddah

    Logged In: YES

    I am delighted to have noticed that this patch has been
    considered good enough to merge in CVS. I hope it is useful
    to the CDEX community.

    my FYI, tmotivation for making the patch was to allow proper
    usage of Unicode IDV2 tags in Microsoft Windows Media
    Player, which has good support of them. There should be
    other players out there that do the right thing in this
    regard to. One of the more popular shareware ones however,
    does not do a good job on this presently.

    Other techniques for non-latin1 IDV2 tags include using
    local encodings (e.g. big5), however the ID tags do not
    store any enconding details. So unless your system was set
    with a matched encoding as default, then your player could
    not display or manipulate the tags.