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How to convert .CDA to .WAV using CDex?

  • Anne

    Hi! I am new to CDex. I downloaded and installed v1.70 beta 4 on my Windows 7 computer. I attempted to view the help files, but it said that the .HLP file isn't supported in Windows 7 and that I needed to download something from Microsoft to view it. I did that, and now it says that it can't find the CDex.HLP file.

    What I am trying to do is convert .CDA files on a CD to .WAV files and then be able to find those .WAV files on my computer. Can someone walk me through the steps to do this?

    I think I start by selecting the CD/DVD drive, then selecting the tracks to convert, then selecting Convert > Extract CD track(s) to WAV file (F8). Is that correct? Where do the files end up? Can I change the location where the files end up?