Missing CD drive

  • Hi,

    I installed CDex in my fresh copy of windows 7 (RTM build 7600) and one of my DVD-RW drives is missing.
    I have 2 SATA DVD-RW drives that are perfectly working in many other applications. I also have one Virtual Drive through Daemon tools. This has never caused any trouble before though (everything was fine in build 7100 for instance).

    here's the system info from cdex 1.70b4

    CDex version  :1.70 beta 4
    Disk ID       :00000000
    Volume ID     :0
    OS Version    :Windows NT (Version 6.1 build 7600 )
    Aspi Manager  :Frog ASPI / Millenod ; frogaspi.dll ; 

    Detailed drive info Ha:00 Id: 00 Lun:00
    Device Name: "TSSTcorpCD/DVDW SH-S183A"
    Drive does not support MMC

    Detailed drive info Ha:01 Id: 00 Lun:00
    Device Name: "RCJQ    LY3OLAN         "
    Drive is MMC style
    Read CD-RW=1
    Read CD-R=1
    Support Method2=1
    Write CD-RW=0
    Write CD-R=0
    Test Write=0
    CDDA support=1
    CDDA stream accurate=1
    Current read speed=8434
    Max read speed=8434
    Current write speed=0
    Max write speed=0
    Supported buffer size= 128

    The drive with the weird name is the virtual drive from daemon tools.
    The one missing is another samsung drive SH-S203D.

    I've tried with both NT SCSI library and frog ASPI with no difference.

    Does anyone else encounter the same issue?


  • DaveT

    I just installed CDex 1.7 beta4 on an almost new Windows 7 laptop, and the DVD Rom has disappeared. I uninstalled the software and it did not come back. Hopefully, it will do so after I reboot the computer, or else I will have to do a System Restore and hope for the best.