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I want to Use 'Album Artist' not Artist.

  • funkytwig

    Hi, I have a compilation album consisting of 3 CDs each with around 20 tracks.  The Artist comes up as 'Various Artists' but when I rip the CD it creates a directory for each actual artist rather than Various Artists, creating 60 top level directories in my mp3 root;(.

    I have come across the distinction between the actual artist of the track and the artist the CD has (The later being referred to as Album Artist, which is 'Various Artists' in this case).  CDEx does not seem to make the distinction when I am setting the file-name in options (I am using '%1\%2\%1-%2-%7-%4').

    Anyone know how I can fix this or do I need to change the filenameand hard code artist?

  • Parato Optimal
    Parato Optimal

    Under the Filename tab in CDex configuration make sure that "Split trackname to Artist, Track using split character." is NOT checked.

    When viewing a directory in Win7, you can right click any column heading and select "Album Artist" for Win7 to display the Album Artist stored in the MP3 tags which according to your CDex filename code should not be displayed in the "Name" or "Filename" column displayed by Win7.