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Can I rip audio CD DTS 5.1 to 6-channel lossless WAV?

  • user-s3

    Can I rip audio CD DTS 5.1 to 6-channel lossless WAV?
    Which encoder should I use?

    Hereby I'm putting my little piece of knowledge to global awareness.
    Conversion audio CD DTS 5.1 to multichannel WAV 5.1 is possible and easy by eg. Xrecode or Foobar.
    Verification of that conversion is possible and easy too by eg. Audacity.
    The problem is when then channels of WAV files are played by wrong speakers.
    The standard for WAV format is: FL,FR,C,LFE,RL,RR
    Test WAV file is in attachment or, if it is impossible, here: http://www.elektroda.pl/rtvforum/topic2727708.html#13178409
    An archive: DTS Test by Mtz.7z
    There are probably only two ways if somebody's home theater plays this standard by other speakers then it should.
    You can report this set to manufacturer and wait for eventual upgrade of firmware or remap channels of the file (eg. by Xrecode) individually for your set.
    I'm interested in whose home treater plays the attached test WAV file by correct speakers and what is its brand and model?

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