How to make CDex Autoplay in windows

  • William_Fraser


    I've just discovered this forum. I find CDex realy useful and functional program, but there was just one thing I found irritating: it didn't have an auto-play option when a music CD was inserted in the drive.

    I've entered the following entries in the registry (I use Windows XP) and I now get not only an "Extract Music" option in the auto-play list, but if you use the right mouse button on the drive with the music CD in it the "Extract Music" option will also appear.



    [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CDexOpenAudioCD\shell\Extract Music]

    [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CDexOpenAudioCD\shell\Extract Music\command]
    @="C:\\Program Files\\CDex_150\\CDex.exe"


    "DefaultIcon"="C:\\Program Files\\CDex_150\\CDex.exe,0"
    "FriendlyName"="Extract Music"
    "InvokeVerb"="Extract Music"