How to rip several tracks as one track

Jeff Grant
  • Jeff Grant
    Jeff Grant

    Even though it appears there are no new versions of CDex to come, I still use it most of the time (mainly because I have yet to fully understand EAC or foobar 2000). The one thing I have yet to discover about CDex is a way to rip an entire CD, or several individual tracks, as one long track. This is very helpful, if not essential, for classical music and other CD's, such as Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" or "The Wall", or any CD in which the songs run into the next one. I currently use Audiograbber for this, but, even with LAME's dll installed, it doesn't produce as good of a quality mp3 as CDex does. The procedure with Audiograbber is simple: (I'll use ripping an entire CD as an example) - 1) right click on the last song and click track properties 2) right click and copy the ending sector 3) right click on the first song and paste the number you just copied as it's ending sector 4) then make sure you uncheck all songs to rip but the first song. Of course you can use the same process to group together several songs instead of the whole disc. If anyone still reads this forum and knows how to accomplish this on CDex, please let me know.

    • Martin Lemburg
      Martin Lemburg

      Hi texasflood,

      your wish CDEX' command:

         1. Select all the tracks to be merged into one
         2. Select in the "Convert" menu, the entry "Extract a section of the CD",
            or press F10, or use the third icon from the top on the right of the CDEX UI
         3. Do probably needed justifications in the following dialog and press "Start"

      The output file is in the standard output directory without the usage of the ID3 tags, like normally if ripping tracks into MP3 files.

      So - have fun!

      Best regards,