The Best program for ripping CDS

  • Your friend
    Your friend

    hi! first of all, I'm francophon, so bad english ahead! :D

    just a short notice because i am using your program since at last 5 years...

    it's just the best... fast, easy, reliable, customizable, no f*c***g animation!!!
    really guys, it's a big thank i'm sending you, no cheap med! :D

    keep it up guy, really it's the best program ever !


    • tom sawyer
      tom sawyer

      Me also wanna thank you guys for doing this program. I've been using it for 4 years and it has never let me down (maybe my cd-rom has, but who cares :) )
      So, just wanted to tell you a REALLY BIG THANK YOU for you're program.
      Please make it go futher... (I would, but I don't know how) If I can help in anyways, tell me how.

      from Finlandia