Is this officially dead?

  • Oblio

    So, is there any word that this project is officially abandoned?

    • I'm not sure we can expect much.  EAC has more or less surpassed CDex as the de facto Win32 ripper, anyway.

    • Sam Snow
      Sam Snow

      Ahh, but if you are doing anything commercial EAC is not a viable option. See where they say "For commercial use a special license is needed".

      • hmm.. i thought _all_ rippers are used for illegal (so non-commercial) purposes...

        and btw CDex is GPL, so no commercion here too

        kill your windws, install debian

        • Reuben

          What are you talking about, there are no restrictions of commercial use in the GPL.

        • Well conversion for some purposes might be legal in some countries, even for some commercial purposes.  

          Unlike this a*se-licking country.

          Warning:IANAL etc etc.

      • How does CDex compare with EAC in terms of features?   Is the difference large?  Is it difficult to add features to CDex? 

        Is there a point in doing that? 

        All I can think of atm is that the other software is closed source and don't trust it in terms of malware etc?  

    • Gilles Duboscq
      Gilles Duboscq

      well, i heard of a 1.60 version lately,

      • Mark Gillespie
        Mark Gillespie

        The version on Betanews, is a 1.60 Beta 1 unicode build I did, as I thought the project was dead.  There was some functionality part completed in CVS I wanted to use (Batch mode), I simply completed the code, called it "AutoRip", compiled it, and uploaded it to my FTP for my own use.  Someone found it, and submitted it to betanews.

        I think I posted the patch for the work I did here:

    • Could somebody please post something about that beta in the official forums on the CDex homepage? There's a similar discussion going on and nobody's mentioned it...

    • SOL-Invictus

      You can assume that the cdex-project is dead.

      There are 10 (!) developers listed here on this project: Albert L Faber, Duane Lawrence, DSPguru, Jennifer Murphy, Jeff Lorenzini, Sanjiv Nanwani, Luca Zanardo, Mike Goebel, Marco Era and Roberto Jos de Amorim

      None of them even answerd the question.

      They did a great job! Sadly no one of the developers is active. At least it looks like that...

    • Narendra Gaur
      Narendra Gaur

      No, I am the new Project Manager on this tool, and I will make sure some nice and exciting things happen to it in the upcoming future. Please keep monitoring

    • An update on the website would be nice too. Currently it shows a db error, so it would be nice just to note that things are back on track.

    • Narendra Gaur
      Narendra Gaur

      Agreed. Its just that my wife is currently in the hospital and I have not had a chance to work on any parts of this project yet, but as soon as things are back to normal I will get crackin


    • It is great that CDex is still alive... It is awesome program, but some new things can make it even better (first, I would like to see better, moern GUI)...

    • Not to be argumentative, but for the most part I *HATE* "better, modern GUIs."  Example: Windows XP.  That default bubbly obnoxious crap sucks.  I would hate to see CDex go that way.  Who really cares what the GUI looks like so long as it's functional (and it is VERY functional and easy to use right now, I believe).

      Another argument against doing much of _anything_ GUI-wise is that right now, CDex runs *perfectly* in WINE.  I use it for all my ripping under Linux.  I would hate for the GUI to be "made better" and in the process break WINE compatibility.

      I wouldn't mind seeing a Linux port someday, but at the same time it's not that important to me as long as it can be run under WINE.

    • What's with all these developers then? Can somebody update the website at least, and get rid of these '12 developers'.

      Nobody has done anything for a long time. Sounds like 'Narendra Gaur' is the only active person...

    • Hello!

      I'm also a new developer!

      CDex is not dead!!!

      The next steps for the future are:
      1) Moving cvs to svn
      2) Changing the compiler to gcc
      3) Fixing all bugs
      4) Releasing newer version with updates for the codecs
      5) Adding the Feature Requests
      6) Cleaning the Code and the Source Tree
      7) Preparing for CDex 2
      8) Writing a new GUI
      9) Having at least all bugs fixed and lots of new Features
      10) Releasing CDex 2

      Regards, Georgy Berdyshev

    • how do i get cd info from instead of cddb

    • Albert L Faber
      Albert L Faber

      Last two years I did not have much spare time (or any time at all) to work on CDex, love to do some new developments again when time permits. In the near future I will at least finish CDex 1.60 to a release level

    • Albert L Faber
      Albert L Faber

      Could you please send me the source code changes so I can incorporate them within CDex, patches link does not seem to work

    • Hey Albert its good to see you back on this project. Its better than mattel:)

    • Hey Albert, great to see you back! I'm SilentBob from the old CDex forum, and I'd be glad to see CDex pick up where it left off and (hopefully) become a fantastic rival to EAC again (good luck Narendra, I'll keep my fingers crossed and plug it every opportunity I get). Once something new is out, I'd be happy to help out with any beta testing, maybe help compile an FAQ or help out other users again.