#527 1.70B4 is having problems reading tracks from FreeDB if ther

Unicode (6)

I'm unsure as to whether this is a genuine bug or whether it is related to the JAWS screen reading software that I use as I am totally blind and access the computer with the keyboard shortcuts only as I can't use the mouse.

I've used 1.51 very successfully, but today I put in a cd by various artists where the FreeDB submitter had used a / character to separate track artist and track title. I tried with a second similar cd to make sure.

First it came up with an inexact match so I chose the one I wanted from the list and hit next. However, then I got a message saying to change the code page if necessary as there were some non ascii characters. There was a cancel button and a box I could check to re-submit the entry, but the next button was unavailable only leaving me with the cancel. I'm not sure whether I'm doing something wrong, or whether it's a genuine bug.


  • Rob Novak
    Rob Novak

    I can confirm this. Non-ASCII characters in CDDB query data can sometimes result in a dialog box with no "Next" button enabled. Example: freedb ID 7d12381a.

  • Lenz_M

    I can confirm this too. If more than one match exists and I choose one of them and I hit Next, the Next Button is disabled.